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La Dioza was able to buy her first car in Miami

Gods I managed to buy him First car in Miami And she did not hesitate to display it proudly on her social networks, where she thanked her manager and God for this new happiness in her life.

Armando Labrador Thanks for all this friend. without words. I already have my cart“, He said Gods on your Facebook profile by sharing photos next to the car.

On Instagram, he also shared a video. In the short audiovisual film, you can see the singer driving her car. “Thank God for all the blessings“, He said.

Cuban singer chose a big horse! Take home a cadillac, A luxury car brand, its origins trace back to 1902.

This new acquisition is the result of a sweat Goddess, because she bought the car with her earnings First concert in Miami, which happened a few days ago at the Watsco Center. The La Diosa gig cost more than $100,000, according to the singer.

Armando Labrador He owns the famous clinic my plastic surgery, in Miami. Prominent Cuban American businessman is Goddess Director. They have a relationship of friendship and respect, for a long time.

Labrador is also the author of the lyrics “Cuba first”, a song dedicated to the freedom of the island, and performed by Gods And Linear table.

in March The goddess asked her fans for help to choose your car. He was looking at many models and brands, but he couldn’t make up his mind on any of them. He jokingly showed this hunt on the networks, but came home empty-handed.

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Now that has changed, because the Goddess of Cuba already has a car in Miami and wherever it passes people will have to look at it.