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“Kongland Treatment Center in Elizabeth Silverio closed for violation of Health Ordinance 42-01” |  daily listening

“Kongland Treatment Center in Elizabeth Silverio closed for violation of Health Ordinance 42-01” | daily listening

Kongland Center for Neuroscience and Psychology, directed by Elizabeth Silverioan alleged neuroscientist who was questioned about the validity of her surnames, closed for violating the health law.

The doors of the facility were closed this Monday, and according to some people working in the environment, No one was seen entering the venue.

Meanwhile, at the entrance there is a public health notice indicating that the center is closed “For violation of Health Code 42-01”.

The main objective of this law is to “regulate all actions that allow the State to give effect to the right of the population to health, recognized in the Constitution of the Dominican Republic,” in accordance with the provisions of Article 1.

Silverio investigation

Last Saturday an investigation into the program was published ‘No journalistic investigation’As confirmed by Nuria Beira Elizabeth Silverio She had forged graduate and doctoral degrees proving that she was a neuroscientist.

Piera revealed some misspellings in the documents and that the spelling used by investigators corresponds to a doctor with the same name.

The Elizabeth Silverio Treatment Center is closed due to a violation of Health Ordinance 42-01

After this investigation, the Licensing and Accreditation District and the Public Health Legal Department decided to close the center.

Center services

Among the services offered by this treatment center are a comprehensive neurological school, a comprehensive neurological pre-school for ages 2 to 6, dedicated homework rooms, academic leveling, speech therapy, and speech therapy; Occupational therapy, music therapy, and art therapy.

In addition, fine motor therapy, gross motor, neurocognitive intervention, treatment plans tailored to the diagnosed condition and specific intervention in syndromes and disorders.

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