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Kimberly Louisa breaks down in tears when she discovers her luxury car has been wrecked

Kimberly Louisa breaks down in tears when she discovers her luxury car has been wrecked

Without a doubt, YouTubers can get more followers, and that was the case with Cecia Luisa who played a prank on his cousin Kimberly Louisa.

On Cecia’s YouTube profile, she explained how she planned the heavy prank. According to the creator, her videos of this type were well received, so she was encouraged to make another video.

Although she was determined to destroy La lindura Mayor’s car, Cecia agreed to be a little scared because they live in the same house. It should be noted that while he was drawing and hitting Minnie Cooper, Kim was recording another video outside his house.

The first thing they did on the luxury car was spray paint it with captions like “Kimberly,” “I’m your fan,” and “Kima.” Despite the hard joke, the YouTube cousin removed the top because it’s a convertible and according to Cecia, if that part had stains, it would be impossible to remove traces of paint.

To date, the video has already garnered more than 3 million views, however, Cecia made the mistake of applying a long-lasting paint to the car. Also, he took off all tires.

Kimberly and Juan de Dios return home and upon noticing the unfortunate condition of their luxury car, the influencer is rude, while her husband takes action against the guards.

car destroyed

It was the singer who directly called Cesia and asked if she knew anything about the car, and eventually YouTuber came out of hiding to face the consequences.

“What are you waiting for?” Kim asked her cousin, crying. “Let them laugh,” replied Sesia sarcastically.

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Kimberly cried

“You know it’s a gift Juan gave me. You know it’s a dream for me to have,” Kimberly Loisa added. Her cousin, who saw La Lindora Mayor poorly, tried to calm the spirits by offering to repair the damage.

“It got out of hand,” Cesia said, trying to comfort Kim about the event. The first was merged into an embrace, but reconciliation was not close.