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"Keylor Navas is really in pain with a portion of the Costa Rican fans"

“Keylor Navas is really in pain with a portion of the Costa Rican fans”

Information handled by ESPN shows that the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper is particularly resentful of the media and fans in the Central American country.

Andres Agula, journalist from ESPN Covers the Costa Rican national team in Orlando during the group stage in gold cup And released revealing information about the goalkeeper, Keylor Navas.

According to the information it deals with ESPNOne of the reasons for Costa Rica’s exclusion from the national team lies in the treatment he received in the trial that took place last March between Keylor Navas, Brian Ruiz and Celso Borges v. federal.

and that is Keylor Navas The other tricolor leaders won the trial vs. Adrián Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Román for insults, slander and slander, goalkeeper Paris Saint-Germain There was a feeling that part of the country’s masses had turned its back on him.

Keylor NavasI have spoken to a lot of people associated with the national team, and they have told me I will not defend Keylor Navas I will repeat what they told me Keylor Navas‘, start Andres Agula On Jorge Ramos and his band.

It must be remembered that Adrián Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Román held radio programs for Costa Rica what or what Keylor Navas He has said that if Jorge Luis Pinto continues to play in the tricolor, they will deliberately lose matches until he leaves the national team after Brazil 2014.

Given this, according to Andres AgulaAnd the Keylor Navas He was upset because in the middle of the trial and before the decision, a portion of the Costa Rican fans bypassed his person “condemning him”.

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Keylor Navas It’s really, really painful with everything that happened with that lawsuit as to whether there was between Keylor and two other players who fired Bento and that situation was made public.” Andres Agula Usually covered for more than five years سنوات ESPN To tricolor in competitions like gold cup And the World Cup.

He felt condemned by many media outlets, many people from the public and Keylor Navas According to what I was told, he was completely hurt by this situation,” he concluded Andres Agula.

Keylor Navas Not part of the . national team Costa Rica for the current gold cup 2021, the 34-year-old is with him Paris Saint-Germain In pre-season, despite the fact that he is “injured”, he is currently at the top of the French club.