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Kevin Mina hopes Bolivia will beat Ecuador because it is the country that “feeds” him football |  Sports

Kevin Mina hopes Bolivia will beat Ecuador because it is the country that “feeds” him football | Sports

Tricolor, who is at the Guapira club, admitted he feels “more Bolivian than Ecuadorean”.

27-year-old Ecuadorean football player Kevin Mina is well present at the Guapira Sports Club of the Bolivian First Division football., hopes the Green can beat Ecuador on Thursday at the Monumental Banco Pichincha, for the eleventh day of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Kennedy’s homeland (Esmeralda) does not care if he is hated in his native country because the highland country currently “feeds” him.

I hope Bolivia wins because I am more Bolivian than Ecuadorean. My daughter is Bolivian and all that. It is the country that feeds me. I don’t care if they hate me in Ecuador… If you feed me Bolivia”, said the striker, the only hard-core tricolor player in Bolivian football, in an interview with Al Bawaba Seventh page.

Mina also analyzed Bolivian football and asserted that “leaders are more important than players”.

“I have seen many things, a lot of standing. Football is different. The national team always lacks something, because it does not have secondary divisions. Here are things we did not see in Ecuador. Here the leaders are more important than the players. They take center stage. He commented that there are problems With the referees, the team doesn’t get paid and stops the championship, so it’s very difficult to advance.”

“If you have a good rhythm in your work and suddenly they tell you we’re going to stop, you’re surprised. Standing for two or three weeks hurts,” he added.

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Mina said the match that Bolivia would face in Guayaquil was “complicated” and compared the main port to Santa Cruz due to the similarity of the climate.

Mina played thirteen matches in the Guabirá shirt, scoring eight goals and scoring three assists. Before emigrating to Bolivian football, in early 2021 he defended the Olmedo de Riobamba jersey. He also did the coaching divisions in Barcelona and has strides in teams such as CS Patria and Imbabura SC. (Dr)