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Karol G and Feid are rocking the networks with their bargain video

Fans have a romantic relationship between Feid and Carol J. Photo: Facebook

Colombian singers Carol J. And vid They sparked social networks again on March 22, 2023. This is after posting a video where they were seen getting off a truck and boarding a plane.

The video is a few seconds long, but you can see it very clearly. for a translator TQG noticed wearing one Jacket Purple in color, while also known as Ferxxohe wore Jacket and some pants. He was also wearing a hat.

The photos added to the rumors of A romantic Between both artists, then Carol G, In a concert on March 10, 2023, L.J vid The theme of your glasses.

The song is part of a new standard work (‘Mañana ser bonito’) by A Colombian which has been breaking records on various digital platforms.

On stage they danced closely. Rumors that there was chemistry between the two musicians were raised after ‘bichotaand anuel AA They will end their relationship, in April 2021, after three years.

with Anuel

After breaking up with Carol G, the Puerto Rican singer had a relationship with him Yellin Then he got married. He recently celebrated the birth of his daughter.

All this happened after, in April 2021, the Puerto Rican artist stated in a video, on his Instagram account, that: “I always see news that we are not … reality It’s just that we are not together, but I love her.

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