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Julio Iglesias Jr. and his desire to honor his father

Julio Iglesias Jr. seem Professional life in it world affiliate entertainment how modelHowever, his passion music I take it for the first launch tweak named “under my eyesin 1999. Now, with years of experience and a proven track record, the singer wants to honor his father, Julio Iglesiaswith his explaining production Threads additional creative. “I would love to sing another whole album with beautiful songs for my parents that I’ve been listening to all my life,” the artist revealed to the medium.people in spanish“.

Julio Iglesias Jr. She is currently releasing a new album called “under the coversWhere he displays his talent in 10 of his favorite songs, accompanied by A big gangwhich includes songs such as “What’s Going On,” “Careless Whisper,” “Shape of You,” “I’m So Hot,” and “Wicked Game,” among others, as well as including regards to Stevie Wonder.