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Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preisler's daughter shows how beautiful she is at 50

Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preisler’s daughter shows how beautiful she is at 50

There is no doubt that the eldest daughter is one of the most popular characters in Spanish entertainment Julio Iglesias Based on Isabelle Preisler a call Maria Isabel, although it is popularly known as Chabele Iglesias. Over the years she has given great gifts to the artistic world since she participated as a different TV presenter in Spain.

For her part, during the ’90s, she was a sister Enrique Iglesias She had the highest moment on TV in the aforementioned country since she was an anchor on the TV channel 3 . antenna, How do “in the sun with” He also appeared on several American talk shows which led him to create his own talk show titled “Sabaili Show”broadcasted by Univision.