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Julio Gijel will be the new mayor of Humacao: “It’s time for us to unite to work for good” of the municipality

Julio Gijel will be the new mayor of Humacao: “It’s time for us to unite to work for good” of the municipality

Humacao – Industrial Engineer Julius Gaigel Perez He was victorious in this Sunday’s special competition for the mayor’s seat Humacaoa space that became vacant after the former mayor New Progressive Party (PNP) Reinaldo “King” Vargas He was charged at the federal level with an alleged plot to corruption In the municipality of the eastern region of the island.

In second place was Alexander Martinezwho has emerged as a strong contender since the start of Election Day.

Although at first, after knowing the first results, the Secretary of the Association said, Carmel RiversThe Alternate Electoral Commissioner of the National Progressive Party, Edwin WorldA recount was expected, then it was reported that Jijel Perez had won more than 100 votes and would be adopted tomorrow Monday as the new city council president.

Jaegel Perez received 1,814 votes, and Martinez received 1,688 votes, a difference of 126 votes between first and second places.

In addition to Jagel Perez and Martinez, for the mayor they aspired to Adalberto Lopez TorresAnd the Jose Miguel de JesusAnd the Jose Lopez Perdomo s Nestor Torres Zenkis.

Jijel had said earlier on Sunday that he was confident of winning the special election, saying that his main goal as mayor would be to “restore the people’s trust”.

Special elections in Humacao About 4232 people participated in it, Mondo noted after schools closed. He added that there are 77 votes added by hand that will be counted tomorrow and will not change the outcome of the special elections. In all, 54% of the 9,000 voters who elected the former mayor mobilized to vote.

The new mayor is speaking

In his first words as elected mayor, Jagel Perez thanked voters for giving him a “vote of confidence” to take control of the Humacao mayor’s office starting Monday next week.

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“This is a historic moment for our people, it is time for us to unite to act for the good of Humacao. We come from an unfortunate situation in our town and I have to acknowledge these five fellows (mayor aspirants) who have come forward in a difficult situation like the one we are facing,” said Gaigel Perez, who was accompanied by his wife, Lisa Garcia.

He expected that as soon as this week he would summon each of the candidates who participated in the special elections, as his interest is to unite the party and work in the spirit of one team.

I need them to push our people forward and I will meet every single one of them because when they entered the political arena, they entered with determination to help our people. I know they have great ideas that I didn’t have, and I want them to share those ideas with me and let’s work as a team to move our people forward.”confined himself to the company “La Tasquita” where the other candidates came to congratulate him, with the exception of Lopez Torres, brother of Adamari Lopez.

On the other hand, the governor said Peter Pierluisi He congratulated the new mayor on a phone call that was placed on megaphone for members of the press to hear the exchange.

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“You aspired and achieved it, and now you have my backing from the castle.”Pierluisi told Jijel Perez, who asked him to work by consensus for the people of Humacao.

“The first thing is that spa… I’ll give you everything”The governor added, referring to the management of the Punta Santiago resort, a claim that was made to the government years ago.

On his part, the President of the Union of Deans said, Gabriel HernandezTomorrow, he said, the elected mayor will be coordinated to take courses in the Government Ethics Committee and in the Office of the Comptroller, which are requirements before being sworn in.

Geigel’s opponents on the ballot expressed their appreciation for the support they received during the 30 days they campaigned.

“We have all been subdued, the people are sovereign and the people have already chosen him, and today Humacao has a mayor. That must be respected and above all we must now show unity of purpose because Humacao, as I said, must be the first. Services must reach the people.” …should be given a direct service to the citizens, in terms of scope and quality”On his part, Martinez said, who came in second place.

Jijel had run in 2020 as a candidate for mayor of Humacao, but was defeated in the primaries.

In recent statements, he clarified what specific measures he will promote to provide more transparency to government administration and reduce corruption risks.

“In order to achieve greater transparency in the processes related to investing in projects and awarding contracts for rubble collection, household garbage and road improvement, among other things, it is necessary to make adjustments to the way these projects are implemented and awarded”narrowed

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Will you initiate an investigation and audit of contracts and transactions under the supervision of the mayor’s office, Reinaldo Vargas?

“As soon as we swear an oath to direct the fate of our people, We will cancel all existing professional service contracts, we will conduct a criminal audit of the expenses and operations carried out by the previous administration, and if we discover incorrect situations with the public service, we will refer them to the Ministry of Justice and the Department. Corresponding federal agencies. In addition, we will require the resignation of all directors of the various municipal bodies; From the official to the lesser known department there will be changes”pointed out.