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Julio Cesar Chavez confirmed his son’s relapse: “His brain is inflamed”

His father confirms that Julito suffers from depression and is not feeling well

After the anxiety generated by the video Julio Cesar Chavez Jrin which he admitted that his family would seek to include him in a clinic again, the Great Mexican hero He broke the silence and went out to explain what was happening with his son and his family.

It was through social networks Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez He recounted in conversation with David Fitelson that his son was not entirely well because he had been suffering from complications that put his health at risk.

As he is about to cry, he confirms that his son is living a picture depressionHe swallowed a pill he shouldn’t have taken, which caused A psychotic episode Who got this picture seen on social networks. His father confirmed that he was going through a complicated recovery process, so he had a relapse.

Julio Cesar Chavez confirmed his son had relapsed due to depression (Photo: Cuartoscuro.com/Instagram/jchavezjr)

“Tell them, you see, there have been many rumors about Julio’s relapse […] Unfortunately, Julio is depressed, he took anxiolytics, he hasn’t slept for two days and he’s starting to get delusional, his brain swelled, he didn’t sleep… and he came back.”

Under this narrative, Chávez González saw it as Your son is addictedDealing with this kind of situation is not easy, because anything can cause setbacks in recovery. He added that Julio took more than one pill, and therefore his hallucinations were more serious and caused inflammation in his brain.

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Throughout the interview with the journalist from ESPNJulius Caesar was worried sad The moment his eldest son passes, in which he described everything he went through with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. as complicated and stressful.

Julio Cesar Chavez confirmed that his son has relapsed and suffers from depression (Instagram / @jchavez115)

According to his father, Julio did not sleep for two days as a result of the depression he was suffering from. Since he was home alone, no one noticed he was having trouble sleeping and taking an anxiolytic.

The combination of insomnia, depression, and an overdose of sedative medication she took caused her to hallucinate.

“When a person quits an addiction, you have to realize he used it again but no use. He took an anxiolytic, but since David is an addict he took three times and that really triggered him and he started remembering things from the past. He started psychosis and slurred speech.” Hanging word.

Julio Cesar called on his fans to see what happens to the fight and his son Chavez Jr. (Instagram / @jchavez115)

he mr knockouts Admit that rebound junior It wasn’t easy because any substance – even a medicinal one – would cause her these bouts of delusions.

On the other hand, the commentator Aztec Box He explained that neither he nor Chávez Jr.’s wife had attempted to offend Julio financially, so he discounted everything the man had said. junior In a social media video, he asked not to believe these things because he was not aware of what he was saying.

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It should be remembered that the fans of the ex-boxer They were waiting for the announcement Julio Cesare, because he called all his followers in the networks to call to find out what would happen to his son

[email protected]: As a result of the news released about the health condition of my son Julio César Chávez Jr., I invite you to visit my official Instagram account (@jchavez115) where I will be broadcasting LIVE today, December 10th at 4pm PST.”

In a video on the networks, Chavez Jr. appeared in a condition that had his fans worried (Instagram / @jchavezjr)

On May 9, his first son uploaded a video to Instagram in which he spoke of how disappointed he was, arguing that things had not changed in his family and accusing his father and wife of wanting to take advantage of him financially.

Such statements worried his fans as they considered his mental health to be at risk. until the junior He admitted that he “felt like relapsing,” but made an effort to continue doing well and getting along with his family.

I haven’t given up yet, I struggled so much, I wanted to be lazy and all. Chávez Jr. recounted, “I feel like a relapse because I imagine, one goes with the illusion of going to a place where things change.”

But, in his video, which lasts more than 13 minutes, he admits that he felt that way because he found a piece of paper with information about him. Possibility of readmission to the clinic in which he spent a year in prison.

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