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Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend was attacked for chaining photos with the champ

Mexico City /

Since his coronation in Qatar 2022 with the Argentine attacking national team Julian Alvarez He had busy days They took their girlfriend to give up a scene that was criticized in their countrybecause it limits some children’s access to the player Manchester city.

When visiting Calchín, his hometown, the new Argentine soccer figure was recognized by some neighbors who had seen him, and tried to take pictures to record the moment, despite Emilia Ferrero, the player’s girlfriend, looked dirty at the moment.

In a video that went viral and didn’t even last 30 seconds, you can see how The little ones approach the gunner After he gets out of his car with Ferro, however Her reaction was somewhat unpleasant While trying to reduce the discomfort and fatigue of your loved one.

“Cell phone and take all the pictures”Emilia said while Julien showed some annoyance. “Guys, another picture and that’s it. We have to leave.”insisted the young woman.

After that, it is not known what else happened, although this Sunday Julian Alvarez He published a picture in which he appears next to her celebrating Christmas, which contradicts the criticism he received on the networks.