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Julia Taguña, the scientist who investigated FGR, receives an award from the World Academy of Sciences

Mexican world Julia Taguña identified with Premio TWAS 2021 from the World Academy of Sciences for its contribution to the popularization and understanding of science, while in Mexico it is being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) for alleged crimes at the expense of public resources.

The Premium TWAS It has been awarded since 1985 to scientists from developing countries in recognition of their outstanding contribution to and dissemination of scientific knowledge, as well as for The application of science and technology to sustainable development.

Julia Taguena studied Physics at UNAM and received her PhD in Science from Oxford University. From January 2019 to December 2020 she was the general coordinator of Scientific and technological advisory forum (FCCyT).

Taguña is one of 31 scientists, academics, and former officials with the FCCyT and the National Council on Science and Technology (Conacyt) that the FGR is accused of committing various crimes at the expense of the latter’s resources.

Based on a complaint submitted by the current Conacyt management responsible for Maria Elena Alvarez Boella, Procuratorate – who heads Alejandro Gertz Manero– Accuses them of their alleged responsibility in the crimes of embezzlement, organized crime, money laundering and illegal use of powers and authorities.