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José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”

Jose Luis “Puma” Rodriguez explains why he is uncomfortable with the Mirtha Legrand programme

Jose Luis Rodriguez

After participating in Mirtha Legrand’s return to television, Jose Luis “Puma” Rodriguez spoke about his alleged discomfort on the course. During the broadcast, various viewers said that they saw him sharply and with little participation. The singer referred to this as well as to the cross he had with Alejandro Parker in Sing with me now (eltrece).

The singer’s return to television with a Saturday night dinner was highly anticipated in the Argentine television world. With Juana Viale installing her own country on Sunday at noon, the historic host is back once and for all for the first time since the start of the pandemic..

At the table, she was accompanied by Moria Cassin, Pato Galmarini, Pepe Eticobar and Puma Rodriguez. Despite all the statements that appeared on the broadcast and the success of this first program, there was one issue that surprised and caught the attention of viewers.

In his various interventions, the Venezuelan singer seemed uncomfortable and posts too short. Although he spoke on a variety of topics, many of his responses seemed hesitant to expand.

Although he admitted seconds ago that he did not feel comfortable with the topic that dominated the table, the singer indicated that he does not have any problems with any of the characters who accompanied him and that he adapts easily to the environment. “I am like water; I adapt to the container where I am.”

Round trip of Puma Rodriguez with Alejandro Parker

The controversy arose in the reality show of Marcelo Tenelli, when the Venezuelan, who is part of the jury, did not rise after the performance of Flor Alvarez. Looking at this, the actor scolded him and asked why he didn’t do it. At this moment, Chicanas and other crosses were added later during various broadcasts.

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On the subject, the artist lowered the decibel to the situation and emphasized that everything is part of the show: “Baker is a character. He has many qualities and I get along well with him. I am having fun and we all have fun.”

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