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Jorge Soler received the ball (+Video)

Jorge Soler received the ball (+Video)

Jorge Soler was beaten in Miami

With one ball count and two strikes, with two outs, and the same number of runners on the San Francisco bases, the next pitch of Nardi Set off the alarms in the bunker Giants.

The four-seam fastball, which had a top speed of 94.1 mph, hit a hand Jorge Solerwho filled the bases in the seventh inning of the visiting obligation, and who at that time had already won four races with three.

The largest number of commitments Jorge Soler Without a pitch, that was in 2017 when he didn't get hit by a pitch in 29 games, followed by his debut season in 2014, when he didn't get hit by a pitcher in 24 games.

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After advancing to the first, as a result of launching Nardi, Jorge Soler He continued his commitment without any apparent complications resulting from the strike.