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Jhon Mario Ramírez

Jon Mario Ramirez: Alert: Jon Mario Ramirez dies in Colombian football mourning | Sports

Unfortunately news for Colombian football. John Mario Ramirez, who was hospitalized with Covid 19, passed away this morning at the age of 50. About 15 days ago, her infection was known in Tonga when she was He was preparing to do pre-season with the Patriots where he would train for the first time.

Bogotano is one of the last idols Millionaires. He did the small sections of the club and was a great figure in the nineties, he also wore shirts: Medellín, Cali, Tolima, Quindío, Bucaramanga, Santa Fe, Boyacá Chicó and Pereira.

Ramirez took the course to be a coach and worked with youth teams. was an advisor to Richard Baez In the millionaires between 2010 – 2012 and came to be an assistant to Alberto Gameiro in 2020But in the end it didn’t happen. Earlier this week, the Patriots reported that Jorge Luis Bernal He will lead the team while Jon Mario recovers.

With “10” on his back, Jon Mario Ramirez has been a great supporter of soccer bogotanOr neighborhood football in the capital’s “mini-football” quality. He was part of the Colombian national team with “Bulillo” Gomez in France 1998 qualifiers. Melonarios fans and Colombian football lose the “warmth”, Peace in his grave.

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