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Johnny Depp and attorney Joel Rich are dating... but they have an open relationship!

Johnny Depp and attorney Joel Rich are dating… but they have an open relationship!

Johnny Depp He’s lived the last few months of a heart attack. after, after Wins defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heardit has emerged in recent days that the actor was Establishing a new relationship with the attorney who handled the case, Joel Rich.

Well, this information is correct, but They are not a couple as such, but rather an open relationship. According to sources TMZThe pair have been together for longer than previously thought, but There are no plans to put it in the short term.

during his trial, The lawyer and the actor were already together In fact, Joel left her children and ex-husband in the UK for two months While he was in Virginia he supported Depp. And what’s more, according to the sources. Joel was not involved in Johnny’s legal defense. In the United States, so I represent you in court It was just for fun not to work.

And the most amazing thing and where it is most emphasized is that The two are not exclusive And they have a relationship where everyone can do whatever they want Individually. In fact, a source related to the new movie that Depp is shooting, She confirmed that she saw him on the set in a very affectionate way with another woman.

people said that Joel would like to have an exclusive relationshipbut at the moment, the actor doesn’t want anything to do with him and Prefers a relationship without labels or links.