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Joana Sanz announces her separation from Dani Alves with a heartbreaking message

Joana Sanz announces her separation from Dani Alves with a heartbreaking message

A few days have passed after two months since then Daniel AlvesAnd exfutbolista from Barcelona and Pumas, abroad He entered prison In Barcelona, ​​Spain, after being accused of committing a Alleged sexual assault of a young womanAnd Joanna Sanz He confirmed the end of his relationship with the Brazilian.

How did Joanna Sanz announce her divorce?

through your account instagramthe Spanish model shared two photos of a emotional message It was handwritten in which she reflected everything she had experienced in recent weeks.

“I would love for the lines written here to be about love and happiness, but it is not. It’s been horrible monthsnot the hardest of my life, for I have had many storms, but very dark and painful storms.”

In the same text, the former South American partner opened her heart and shared a little bit with her thousands of followers How was your relationship With 39 years. It must be remembered that since January rumors have been circulating that the Spaniards You have already filed for divorce for the soccer player

I chose a life partner A person in my eyes was perfect. He was always there when I needed him most. He always supported me in everything, always pushed me to grow, always affectionate, attentive… It’s very hard for me to accept that This person could split me into a thousand pieces“.

This is how Joana Sanz said goodbye to Dani Alves

It was in the last lines of the message where the influencer also made it clear that he was there He ended his relationship with Dani Alveswho visited him in prison several times and married in Summer 2017.

Forgiveness eases, so I stay with magic and I finished a phase of my life that started on 05/15/15. I give thanks for the opportunities and learning that life gives me, no matter how hard it may be. This is a strong woman to move on to The next stage of your life“.