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Jennifer Lopez breaks the Internet with a photo in a bathing suit

Jennifer Lopez breaks the Internet with a photo in a bathing suit

There is no doubt that 2023 is the year of pop singer Jennifer Lopez, as new projects in acting with her films “Shotgun Wedding” and “The Mother”, as well as her life as a businesswoman, were very present, while she was enjoying it. The newlyweds stage.

On the occasion, the interpreter of “On the Floor” surprised her millions of followers on social media by announcing her new beverage brand while wearing the perfect swimsuit for summer, in Capri, Italy.

The warmth and sensuality spilling over in her new post confirms that during the summer, yellow will fill most glamorous beach looks with brightness to stand out with the best fashion trends.

Plus, according to Vogue, this color will also stay on through fall and early 2024 to catch all the following seasons’ light; So if you are planning a vacation in a few months, a yellow bathing suit will be the best investment.

With a touch of class and plenty of glamor, JLo appeared reclining on a lounge chair in a full-length bathing suit with side stripes and an open back with a high-waisted cut.

Another point in favor of yellow is the iconic way it contrasts the glow of your tanned skin with the perfect color of the season to stand out as much as possible at the beach.

As accessories, she wore square sunglasses, a pair of gold hoop earrings, and a multi-colored satin sash that’s on-trend and versatile to stand out with myriad outfits this season.