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El Jeffrey y policías se enfrascan en discusión por transitar en horario de toque de queda

Jeffrey and police officers engage in a discussion about travel during curfew hours

Al-Jeffrey’s Merenguero got into an argument with the police officers who arrested him for traveling during curfew hours without the corresponding permit.

When he was arrested, the singer warned the head of the patrol: “You do not have to stop me, because I have not committed any crime. The police must change. Tomorrow I will upload a video to Louis Abenader of that capsule.”

Then he added, “We have to change. I have been your advocate, but this cannot be the case. You are the ones who should take care of us.”

The mediator asked the interpreter of “My land” for permission to carry it with him, and he said: I do not walk with permission, do as you have to.

When the police officer said he should go to a detachment to violate the curfew provisions, Jeffrey responded defensively by ignoring the order and raising his car windshield.

“You’re not going to take me, I didn’t do anything, arrest those criminals you see there,” slammed the “gentle singing.”

In another part of the video, the artist is heard saying: “These Tijirs are criminals, they robbed me, I shot one of them, I killed one of them, Polanco knows Gómez, these attackers are criminals because I don’t know they took them all.”

The event was to take place last Saturday at 2:05 a.m. in Boca Chica, outside of transit hours by the coronavirus measures that were in place in the area and that operated in the country until Monday, October 11.

Apparently, the singer was abandoned and was not taken to the detachment.

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