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La exesposa de Jeff Bezos dona más de 2.700 millones de dólares a organizaciones que "empoderan a las personas"

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife donates more than $2.7 billion to ’empowering people’ organizations


June 16, 2021 21:29 GMT

MacKenzie Scott noted that she makes these donations because she believes that “it would be better if unequal wealth were not concentrated in the hands of a few hands.”

Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, ad On June 15 on his personal blog, he said that he plans to donate approximately $2.74 billion to 286 organizations he considers to be “targeted non-profit teams.” [alcanzar] justice”.

Scott noted that he makes these donations because he believes it “would be better if unequal wealth were not concentrated in a few hands.”

ha, her current husband A group of researchers and consultants spent the first months of 2021 selecting beneficiary organizations. Scott focused his attention on areas that are generally neglected but are the main agents of change in society: education, combating religious and ethnic discrimination, culture, etc.

“People who work to build strength from communities are agents of change. Their service supports and empowers people, who then go on to support and empower others,” Scott said.

After his divorce from Bezos in 2019, Scott received $36 billion and continues to do so has become The richest woman in the world. His fortune grew significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to the increase in Amazon shares, which exceeded 60 thousand million dollars.

This isn’t the first time Scott has done this for charity, as in 2020 alone he donated nearly $5.7 billion to various organizations.

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