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Jandy Ventura a Alá Jazá: “La familia Ventura no te guarda rencor”

Jandy Ventura to Allah Jazá: “The Ventura family does not hold a grudge against you”

In the middle of his father’s funeral, singer Jandy Ventura referred to God’s comments on Johnny Ventura and said that he and his family held no grudge against Mambero.

In order not to be said more than I will now say and not speak of again, I want to tell God Chaza an artist whom I respect and admire and appreciate what he does for our music. The family does not hold a grudge against youSaid a soldier in front of everyone present at the Palacio de los Deportes.

The eldest son of the horse said that he would no longer talk about this fear and God called Shaza to meet whenever he wanted. Because mistakes are human“.

The urban merenguero is reportedly caught in the eye of a hurricane after his posthumous comments on Johnny Ventura, which were described as disrespectful.

“At the moment, there are rumors that Ala Jazza is slow of this kind, and what kind if these tigers did not support this species before,” said the translator of “Nobody Seih Meta” and “My Way of Being.”

Although the singer has apologized three times, the wave of disavowal was so great that many Dominican stations stopped broadcasting her songs and more voices of disapproval of the characters joined in.

For example, the station Monumental, 100.3 FM in Santiago de los Caballeros (in the north of the country), owned by radio presenter Tony Barach, decided to remove all audio files of the young singer.

So did Giovanni Arias, director of the Maniel FM radio station, in San Jose de Ocoa (in the southern region): “It is forbidden to play music that meets the singer Ala Jazza, for disrespect” Ventura.

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Likewise, in a statement from Andy Ranch nightclub, it was reported that the family picnic party has been postponed. The so-called pool party was scheduled for Sunday, August 1.