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James Rodriguez explodes in front of Reinaldo Rueda: 'Don't respect me, don't let them come with assholes' - Ten

James Rodriguez explodes in front of Reinaldo Rueda: ‘Don’t respect me, don’t let them come with assholes’ – Ten

Eve program start America’s Cup 2021, star choice Colombia in the past decade, James Rodriguez, attacks in front of the coffee coach combined, Rinaldo Rueda, to leave it outside the maximum continental event.

The reason for his absence is that the nationalized Honduran strategist thinks the best thing mosques is that he is 100 per cent recovering physically, having played little or nothing at all in the latter part of the season with Everton To be ready for the contest he was not finally called to.

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This is upset mosques, by issuing a letter expressing his pain for not taking it into account, and expressing his dissatisfaction with the decision wheelWho responded a few days later to his message in a press conference with the same position.

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However, Colombia He shone without him on days 5 and 6 of the World Cup qualifying rounds, as he beat Peru 3-0 and returned from 0-2 against Argentina at home, which they tied in the last minute.

this sunday, Rodriguez, In a live broadcast on Instagram, he released poison before the situation with the players of the national team, Teofilo Gutierrez s Camilo Zuniga, referring to them as “the elect of former Colombia”.

What did he say

mosques: “The tech decided not to rely on me and that’s fine, but they didn’t respect me. I was ready to play America’s Cup. If they tell me I don’t like you as a player and you’re not in the project. Ready, shut my ass and go. “

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mosques: “It pained me that they did not summon me to America’s CupIf I tell you I’m not a liar. It is a decision of the technical staff. I don’t share it, because they don’t respect me. Another thing is that they tell you: “I don’t count on you because I don’t like the way you play”.

mosques: “Always, even when I was bad, I put on the national team shirt and gave up…Out of the 80 games I played poorly 5 or 10 and another 70? Don’t let them come to me with the loafers. I’m 100% to play in the America’s Cup.

mosques: “Forcing them to win and get a very good cup, that’s what I want. I wanted to be, if I told you I wasn’t a liar. There are people who say I’m not feeling well, but I want them to remember that even when I wasn’t feeling well, I was wearing shirt and I’ve always given up; so don’t come to me now with idiots because their conscience is very calm.”