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James’ daughter performed a magic dance and lowered the webs

James’ daughter performed a magic dance and lowered the webs

A few days ago, the businesswoman and mother of little Salome Rodriguez, Daniela Ospina, published a photo in which she appears crying with her daughter, Salome. This went viral because she wanted to show the truth about her daughter.

And it is that the young girl is a very perfectionist, she works hard in her projects to achieve them in the best way, she is very disciplined and serious in her things, especially when it comes to dancing, and it seems that she has not achieved that today. the goal.

Daniela Ospina talked about the failure, and about what her daughter did not achieve through the choreography that frustrated her, but what was seen later on the little girl’s social networks left a much clearer and stronger message. if it was possible.

Salome Rodriguez gave it all on stage

In a video, the young daughter of Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez is seen performing a solo song, i.e. a choreography where only she did it, with the hit song from Evaluna “If the World Ends”. There you can see how she showed those qualities that she was not allowed to see on her social networks.

You can see Salome dedicated, happy with the outcome, giving his all in every move and making more than one of them not stop telling her how happy they are with her. Their father, grandmother and others did not hesitate to leave them letters of love and admiration.

The example that Salome Rodriguez left on her social networks

“I love you, I know what you have worked to achieve,” her paternal grandmother tells her, “so amazing, you are the most stubborn dancer my princess,” “we love you, you are the most uptight,” “your dedication and discipline will take you far,” “I see you get up, focus Get your best, you are very talented, but above all very unique “, were some of the comments full of love that Salome Rodriguez received.

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At the same time, she told that it was not easy for her, and that she had to fight a lot to achieve this, but she did not give up, she wanted to give her best in order to achieve this, and this is what makes her very proud of herself, and that is why this dance was nothing more than Nice example that you can always do, if you’re in business, you can do that.