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"I've spent my whole life here and I wasn't ready

“I’ve spent my whole life here and I wasn’t ready

. (Photo by Pau Barrena/AFP) (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Such strong relationships leave marks. In joy and sadness. Lionel Messi She came crying in the banquet hall Barcelona To speak to the Catalan fan who hasn’t finished absorbing his game yet. That’s where President Joan Laporta confirmed three days ago what no one wanted to hear. The course is over. There is nothing else left to do.

But the word for the protagonist was missing, and nothing less. While negotiations intensify to issue the logistical orders to move to Paris Saint-Germain in France, the man who caused this global upheaval is still in Spain. His first words to explain what happened were: “I don’t know if I will be able to speakNS. This last day I was thinking, thinking about it…to see what I could say. Nothing came out. I spent my whole life here and I wasn’t ready Last year, when the Borovax mess broke, she was. He knew what he was going to say and was convinced. But not this year. I was convinced with my family that we would continue here, in our house. Which is what we wanted the most. It was always in front of us, in our home and enjoying the life we ​​live in Barcelona, ​​in sports and in everyday life, which is great.”

Top Shot - Barcelona Argentine striker Lionel Messi cries during a press conference at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on August 8, 2021. - He was expected to sign the ball six times or win Messi with a new five-year contract with Barcelona on August 5, but instead of That, after 788 matches, the club announced his departure at the age of 34 (Photo by Pau Barina/AFP) (Photo by Pau Barina/AFP via Getty Images)

(Photo by Pau Barrena/AFP) (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

He continued: “Today I have to say goodbye to this. I’ve been here my whole life. I came here at a very young age, when I was 13. It’s been 21 years and I’m leaving with my wife and three Catalans/Argentines and I couldn’t be more proud. Of all that I’ve done and lived in this city. I’m sure I’ll be back after being away for a few years. So I promised my children. I still have to thank my teammates, former teammates, and club folks who were next to us and whom we don’t see. I grew up with the values ​​of this club and tried to treat myself with humility and respect. I’ve done it with everyone. Hopefully this stays with me far from what I’ve been fortunate enough to give the club things for. I’ve been through good and bad things, but everything made me grow.”

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He explained in a long speech: “Barcelona made me the person I am today. DI’m all for this club and this shirt, from day one to the last. I accept. I wanted the farewell to be in a different way, with the audience and on the field. I never thought of saying goodbye because I didn’t. But he didn’t want it that way. I wanted the last hello from people, chanting my name. I’ve missed them so much throughout the entire pandemic. I haven’t seen them in a year and a half, which I would have loved.”

Your family is there

Antonella, his wife and their children, Thiago, Matteo and Ciro, who occupied the front row in front of the stage, can be seen in the room. Some players, leaders, photographers and journalists completed the audience for the highly anticipated press conference.

Before he could begin the questions, the applause stirred him up again, and once again he broke down in tears. “It is the most difficult moment of my sports career. Undoubtedly. I have had difficult moments, many defeats. But the next day I came back to training and got my revenge. From this it no longer comes. It is the end of this club.”

They asked him to remember a special moment in Barcelona and he said: “The debut, the moment it all started, is what I remember the most.”

He did not explain the reasons for his departure. He hardly reiterated Laporta’s words: “He said it already. Everything was ready and could not be done because of the league problem.”.

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He wanted to stay and the club wanted him to stay. But the complex and strict regulations in La Liga regarding respect for the salary cap and clean financial performance, made it impossible to accept the new contract.

Lionel Messi in a Barcelona souvenir shirt;  The image that really hurt Catalan fans

Lionel Messi in a Barcelona souvenir shirt; The image that really hurt Catalan fans

Regarding transcripts asking him why he did nothing else to facilitate his renewal, he explained, “What he makes clear is that I did everything in my power to stay. Last year I didn’t want to stay and I said so too. Now he wants it and he couldn’t.”

the recipient

“We will adapt. We will be fine. It is a difficult change, but we have to accommodate it with my family. And start over,” was the first thing he said when talking about the uprooting of Barcelona.

And when asked if his sporting continuation in Paris Saint-Germain was, he said: “It is a possibility.” To expand later: “Al dToday I have nothing arranged with anyone. It is true that I received several calls when the statement was released. Many clubs were interested.”

Meanwhile, French media reported that Paris Saint-Germain set a date for a new press conference with Messi on Monday, but in Paris, to talk about his arrival in the new team. Candid negotiations in the middle of the releases and confirmation of a change that no one could have imagined.

On Barcelona’s present and continuity without his presence, he explained: “As Laporta said, the club is always more important than anyone else. People will get used to it. It’s going to be weird at first, but it happens with everything. Good players came in, and there is a great team. Eventually everything will settle down.”

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