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'It looks like a tamale': Lin Mai criticizes Carol J's body

‘It looks like a tamale’: Lin Mai criticizes Carol J’s body

The fiery dancer and ex from the movie File in Mexico, Lynn MayShe recently traveled to Los Angeles to present her latest song, ¡Claro que yes! On that occasion, the Acapulcan woman wore a blue wig and a gorgeous pink dress, something we are used to.

However, this outfit motivated the reporter to try to get a note about the event by making a comparison between the dancer and The famous “Bichota”, Karol GBecause she usually dyes her hair blue.

I see you very much Carol JWhat no one expected to happen was that the duct tape did not react in the best way and attacked the Colombian, the reporter told the Mexican.

He said in front of the cameras of the show “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

And not only that, Lin Mai has strapped on her waist, while the Colombian doesn’t reach for it.

“I always had a small waist and buttocks,” said the woman from Guerrero and former partner of many political figures in Mexico.

He went even further by making sure that young singers and dancers only wanted to imitate his style and imitate his steps and rhythm.

“Poor little things don’t know, they want to copy everything from me,” which sparked laughter from the media that were around.

Also against Belinda and Becky J

Bichota’s case is not the only one, in the recent past, Lynn May It was also launched against saying that it was a precursor to all that new characters like Becky had to offer.

“They imitate me, but it doesn’t work with them” Becky G

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In 2021 also criticized Belinda He certainly did not fit her, for he was too thin, not very rich, and too grey.

These statements sparked strong criticism from young people and fans of the singers mentioned in social networksHowever, she has shrugged off criticism of her person at all times.

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