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It is possible to mark the abs with low-impact exercise

It is possible to mark the abs with low-impact exercise

Maintaining a slim figure is not the easiest task for some people. Especially when it comes to the abdomen, because it is usually the area where the most fat accumulates.

To achieve a flat stomach, it is important to follow a diet and physical training plan focused on this purpose. Although there are many beauty products and treatments that can help achieve this, these alternatives are no miracle.

Abdominal muscles are one of the most common exercises to work this area of ​​the body. However, they are not the only ones out there for the dialect of this field. One of the low-impact exercises recommended by experts is the popular plank.

This exercise activates several muscles in the body and uses the same weight as the person, it focuses on the abdominal area, so it is ideal when you want to lose fat and build muscle. It is an intense and demanding exercise that requires a certain technique and posture that must last for a period of time in order for the body to function.

To perform the plank, you must lie face down and support your body weight on your forearms and toes. The arms should be bent and under the shoulders. The shoulder blades should be compressed and the spine extended so that the body is fully erect. The position should be held still for 30 seconds, rest and perform about 6 repetitions.

Plank Differences

1. Planks on the forearms with movements

  • Get into the classic plank position: with your body facing down, supported by your forearms.
  • Then do a very light movement with the body pointing forward and then back with the feet.
  • It is important when doing this exercise that the buttocks and abdomen contract.
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2. Starside Blanc

  • Lie on your side, with your body supported on one forearm. One foot should be on top of the other and the hips should be as high as possible.
  • Bring the leg up with the arm not resting on the floor.
  • With this variant, the entire abdomen, gluteus maximus, arms, waist and quadriceps are worked out.
Experts recommend following a healthy diet, eliminating processed foods from the diet and avoiding a sedentary life. Image: Getty Images. – Photo: Photo: Getty Images.

3. Headboard with leg raise

flat belly secret

According to a trainer for Victoria’s Secret models, the exercise routines that models do to maintain their shape, according to Dede Lagre – a personal trainer for some models – It consists of three basic exercises, something also confirmed by studies published by the National Institute of Health.

These exercises are:

tray: This exercise is one of the basic movements To achieve a flat stomach and metallic. It is necessary to do it at least three times a week.

side board: This type of iron It represents the oblique region, that is, the lateral region of the abdomen. It is necessary to do it at least three times a week.

Recommendations: The person should be laid on their side with the arm and the side part of the foot on the floor. You have to support the torso making the tummy tensile, After 30 seconds, rest your hips on the floor for another 30 seconds and then repeat the movement. Then do the same with the other side.

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Disc hip lift: This movement is in addition to distinguishing the abdominal muscles and eliminating belly fat as well It is an excellent exercise to enlarge and strengthen the buttocks.

Recommendations: The person should lie on his back with his legs bent. Next, you should place a weight plate on your stomach, raise your hips and then return them to the starting position. It is necessary to repeat this movement 20 times for three days a week.