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It is discussed in Santiago: the birthday of Marcos Picardo

It is discussed in Santiago: the birthday of Marcos Picardo

Marcos Picardo is a famous businessman from this city who likes to share any event of his life. His birthday is always well celebrated. It’s a day for the big party he hosts at his house every year. Once he established a nightclub that became part of the atmosphere of the apartment, he always chose a reason to decorate his birthday, this time he dressed as a movie director and the guests marched on the red carpet like the best Hollywood celebrities.

Marcos, also known as Marcos Cambio, is a very original person, he is not the traditional rich man of the city, he is a sociable, good-natured man and he celebrates his activities with his true friends. Congratulations!

“Connection Experience”

Santiago is becoming a cosmopolitan city every day, we already have a beautiful bar in New York’s bagatelle style, the Jamaican-owned “Fusion Experience”, which has only been open for a few days, and it’s booming, it’s in Los Jardins.

It’s a happy fun, very young atmosphere, there are performances with the staff and customers, it’s a party concept, it’s a restaurant.

The number of foreigners living here, the city is becoming international, we already have small Chinese and Korean supermarkets, in Los Jardins Metropolitanos and Villa Olga, you can find all the oriental goods from beer and fast tickets. to us. Ah, how the city expands, everywhere.

Among the many new features in the exclusive Cerros de Curaçao sector is a super-modern spa with therapeutic massages.

What caught my attention is that they offer lifetime services, pay two million pesos up front, wow. The place is beautiful and offers everything a modern city needs. Such offers are here in the new, beautiful center. Well, it’s all there, wonderful.

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The musical Mariposa de Acero presented last weekend was an event, a full house, different social classes came to the Gran Teatro del Cibao, tears and applause, what a satisfaction for the actor Vadis Jacques. They succeeded in making this story true. Until next time.