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"It bothered me to see the referee laughing with Ancelotti at the end of the match"

“It bothered me to see the referee laughing with Ancelotti at the end of the match”


Coach ChelseaAnd Thomas Tuchelat a press conference after Elimination suffered against Real Madrid through rooms Champions league.

This is due to what Merengue DT shares Carlo Ancelotti with the Polish center Simon Marcinacwho shared the laughs apparently once the game ended in Santiago Bernabeu. The German strategist did not hide his disgust with the subject.

In the same way, he confirmed that the equalizer lost due to certain errors, but he will return home calmly because he is proud of what he showed in a series that scored four goals against the 13-time champion. Europe.



“We scored four goals and had more chances, but we weren’t too lucky. We are disappointed because we made two mistakes. The most important moment of the match was our mistake. In games like this you need a little luck and we didn’t have it.”

key to defeat

“We lost two balls in crucial moments. These are mistakes you cannot make against Real Madrid. This is a defeat that you can take with pride.”


“The players implemented the plan very well. It has nothing to do with Madrid in the first leg. That’s how I played. Today we were able to implement the plan, the players were very serious.”

angry in the middle

“I was disappointed that the referee had such a good time with Carlo. When I wanted to thank him, he would smile and laugh with the opposing coach, a gentleman. I thought he was in very bad taste, it didn’t seem right to me.”

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The VAR disallowed Alonso’s goal

“I was frustrated, yes. But I also felt frustrated in the first leg. I didn’t see the goal, and frankly I was surprised that the referee, who is the captain, didn’t go to see if it was a handball or not. Marciniak, who is very good, should have seen the goal.” We deserved to play more minutes as well, but maybe that takes a lot more.”