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Is the end of the world near?  They have revealed the exact date when Mars could collide with Earth

Is the end of the world near? They have revealed the exact date when Mars could collide with Earth

The scenario is unlikely, but it remains a possibility.
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Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has been interested in discovering the mysteries that lie behind planet Earth, as well as the possible reasons that might lead to the extermination of life on Earth. Movies, books and television series have presented apocalyptic scenarios in which some hypotheses have been presented about what might lead to the end of humans.

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However, the answer to what the end of the world will be like may be closer to becoming known. According to famous scientist and particle physicist Javier Santaolalla, there is a possibility that life on Earth could end due to a collision between the planet and Mars; This hypothesis may seem far-fetched, but it is based on a fundamental principle in physics, the Poincaré Recurrence Theorem.

How likely is it that Mars will collide with Earth?

Poincaré’s recurrence theorem states that after a sufficient time, any dynamical system will return to a state close to its starting point: “If a dynamical system is confined to a finite space and conserves energy, any initial state will return arbitrarily close to its original state after a sufficiently long time.” Adequate, but limited.

This means that over a long period of time, Earth and Mars could find themselves in orbits that lead to a collision. But there are various factors that would interfere with the collision, such as gravitational interactions with other planets, as well as small perturbations in the orbits, for these reasons a collision between the two planets is unlikely to occur. However, it is a scenario that could happen.

When will the collision between the two planets occur?

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Although specialists believe that a collision between Earth and Mars is possible, the chances of this happening are slim, and if something like this happened it would happen in the very distant future, so far away that it escapes the human time scale. So, it is an almost impossible scenario, but Not entirely unlikely.

Another possible scenario that could end human life on Earth is a solar explosion. According to scientists, when the Sun ends its life cycle, life on Earth could end, because the disappearance of the star would lead to a series of catastrophic events, a fact that makes researchers around the world on alert.