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Is it time to say goodbye to WhatsApp statuses?

the state to The WhatsApp Allow Share stories Format text, images, videos, GIFs, and audios Disappears after 24 hours.

Although this is a to update relatively new But it is used by most of the users, it works similarly in other social networks like Facebook And instagram.

What brings us WhatsApp again?

The WhatsApp will add a New section In the state: a bulletin of news that can be called “the newsThe name remains It’s not officialbecause this to update still in development stage.

the the changes it will be Has bad reputation on condition Will redesign to divide state in full. actually It will not be displayed vertically As everyone knows it, however will appear a landscape planningAnd approaching to what is instagram.

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“thanks for the newsletters Persons, institutions or organizations may Exchange of information in a simple way. This can also simply be used for Involved also Find information Of interest, that is, users will be able He chooses who do you want rReceive news And Follow the broadcasters of your choice Direct from The WhatsApphe explains WABetaInfo.

unlike messages or private chatsthe Newsletters are not protected against end-to-end encryption Because they have access to gAn unknown group of people.

but, The WhatsApp Plan Hide users’ phone numbers that Participate to bulletin to Avoids that reveal their identities.

This job perfectly My choice Users will be able to continue using the rest of the tools as always.

to receive notices to state for him Contacts And in order for them to also have their own, they must have them Saved phone numbers. On the other hand, to receive the newsenough with Subscribe to the source.

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