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Is it good to exercise if you have cancer?  The three activities that are recommended to be done with them – live

Is it good to exercise if you have cancer? The three activities that are recommended to be done with them – live

Unfortunately, we all know someone who has suffered or continues to fight cancer, this disease that has claimed thousands of lives in our country and around the world and for which there is no cure to this day. If we are close to these people, the best thing we can do is accompany them As much as possible to these people and help them with everything they need, trying to improve their mood Convey best wishes.

But, the other thing we can do is help them as much as possible to keep fit and take care of their health. That’s why we asked ourselves, can cancer patients exercise? In the event that this occurs, What activities can we suggest and do? Well, here we solve those doubts.

The truth is that there are many experts who advise cancer patients to exercise, as they say that it reduces sleep disturbances, anxiety and depression that they may suffer from. Not only that, but it helps them stay fit, for as long as that means You don’t lose a lot of muscle or bone density, and you stay strong.

Not only that, but physically It can lead to greater tolerance to certain treatments such as chemotherapy. However, you should keep your head up when it comes to physical exercise while sick, therefore, any training should be consulted with a professional.

Of course, three days a week would be a recommended guideline, with about 30 minutes of activity. Among the exercises that these patients can do are walking, swimming or riding a bike.

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Other activities that may be recommended are carrying some weight or doing sit-ups and, Finally, strength training. Of course, as we always say, a doctor and a specialist asks.

Right to forget oncology, something cancer survivors claim

The electoral advance, announced on Monday by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, has consequences. For example, more than 60 laws, 25 legislative decrees are already in force, 8 have been passed by the government, and another 30 have been promoted by various parliamentary blocs, all of which They remained in the air due to the dissolution of the Cortes and approval pending until the next legislature begins.

between bases Still paralyzed is the Family Code, which includes 5 days of paid leave to care for a family member; the customer service law, which limits phone waits to three minutes; Mental health, or that would have gone Recognizing the right to forget oncologya One of the great promises of the coalition government.

Patients like Joanne, who told us their story at COPE that you can listen to below.

The struggle appeared through social networks

If there was someone recently Making the fight against cancer visible was Elena Huelva, a young woman from Seville who died in January of this year And that he learned through social networks the difficulty of his illness and how to overcome it. Here you can watch our interview with COPE.