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Is he starting to say goodbye?  The mysterious statement of Alexis Vega after the elimination of Chivas in Puebla

Is he starting to say goodbye? The mysterious statement of Alexis Vega after the elimination of Chivas in Puebla

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Chivas de Guadalajara star striker Alexis Vega accepted, after the elimination in the qualifiers, that this Apertura 2022 was a “resounding failure” and also issued a vague statement that sounded like a farewell.

© IMAGO7Alexis Vega’s mysterious message alerted Rujiblanca fans

star striker Chivas de Guadalajara, Alexis Vega spoke Sunday afternoon and is still hot after the elimination in the playoffs And I accepted that the early chapter of the inaugural Liga MX 2022 turned out to be “resounding failureThen he was released A vague statement that sounded like a farewell. Will the top Rojiblanca figure come out today?

The first men’s team of the Holy Herd suffered a painful elimination at CuauhtemocAs he revived his emotional penalty shootout at the 2021 Apertura Championship and said goodbye once again in the re-ranking stage, this time he fell 5-4 (1-1) in the definition from 11 moves, which they forced with a painful goal for Carlos Cisneros. Rojiblancos will return to Verde Valle facilities for at least a month to submit a pre-season report.

The Puppy Vega, the current leading figure in Chivas, apologized to the fans and stated in a post-match interview with TUDN that “What we’re going through is a fiasco, we didn’t want vacations, but we had to lose. Now think about the next tournament and apologize to all the fans who have always been with us“.

The wonderful Guadalajara striker was decisive and shared the responsibility for the elimination, during his conversation with TUDN, noting “There is a complete nuisance in all of us, the coaching staff and the players are not doing the job, but we are bad, I think that is the word, bad in every way.“.

Vega spoke in a post-match match with La Jojada (TUDN)

Vega admitted that the pain of exclusion will be present for a few days, although he prefers to focus immediately on the Mexican national team and the possibility of being in the final list for the Qatar World Cup 2022, but he sent a message of a slap to Perla. Farewell West when referring to TUDN that “I’m going to be bad these days, but if I get called up for the national team I’ll be glad to be on another call. I can do nothing else for Chivas, this tournament is over for us and we are now thinking about the World Cup, the most important thing“.

Vega scored the penalty but should have been more consistent in the match (IMAGO7)

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