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iPhone 14 will have more battery because it will not have Samsung chips

iPhone 14 will have more battery because it will not have Samsung chips

The iPhone 14 is expected to improve the battery thanks to the fact that Apple will dispense with a chip made by Samsung.

There are still 6 months left to see iPhone 14But we already know a lot about Apple’s next generation of iPhones. The company has already outlined the entire final design And the components you will use have just been revealed iPhone 14 battery life can be increased Thanks to Samsung’s replacement of 5G chips with those of TSMC.

according to reach Economic news Taiwan chip maker TSMC will replace Samsung As a supplier of the 5G chipset that Apple will use in the iPhone 14. TSMC has More advanced manufacturing process Samsung has a 6nm architecture, which makes it more efficient. This slide will be Also capable of offering Wi-Fi 6E connectivityAnd the Another rumor we’ve already heard.

According to information from the TSMC technical forum last year, the 6nm RF process offers significantly reduced power consumption and space for 5G RF transceivers below 6GHz and bandwidths, considering the performance, features and battery life consumers require. Improve performance and energy efficiency with WiFi 6/6e support.

iPhone 14 Pro will improve battery even more

This chip created by TSMC is expected to be the modem Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 Physically smaller chip with lower power consumption than the current X60 of the iPhone 13 made by Samsung.

As of 2023, everything could change since then Apple will stop using Qualcomm chips to implement its 5G modem Designed specifically for the iPhone, it’s something We’ll see on iPhone 15.

While delaying the iPhone Fold, Apple is considering a 20-inch MacBook with a foldable screen

X65 is the first 10Gb 5G antenna system and modem for smartphones Theoretical data download speeds of up to 10 Gbps. And if it’s also more efficient, it’s even better.

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