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Intact fossil!  They found a dinosaur embryo preserved in an egg

Intact fossil! They found a dinosaur embryo preserved in an egg

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A perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo It dates back at least 66 million years and was About to hatch from her egg Scientists discovered it. Oviraptor fossil, which was found in Ganzhou City, China, His name was “Baby Yingliang”.

“She is one of the best embryos dinosaur never foundExpert Fionne Wiesom Ma of the University of Birmingham and co-author of the study published in iScience told AFP.

What is Oviraptor?

Los Oviraptorwhose name meanslizard steal eggs“, they were Feathered dinosaurs that lived in Asia and North America During the upper Cretaceous period.

these animals They can have different peak shapes and diets, so is Its size can range from the size of a monkey to the size of a giant giantWhich was eight meters long.

This is Baby Yingliang, a dinosaur fossil

“Baby Yingliang” measures 27cm from head to tail And located inside 17 cm long dinosaur egg At the Yingliang Stone Museum of Natural History in China.

According to the scholars, Dinosaur fossils are between 72 and 66 million years old It is possible that the degree of its preservation was due to the mudslide that buried it and protected it from the Zabbaleen.

After reaching the age of majority, the dinosaur Found in China, it may reach two or three meters in length and will feed on plants.

Modern bird behavior

“Baby Yingliang” was found with a curved back and legs on either side of his head, folded in his stomach. A situation not seen in dinosaurs but very common in birds.

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When the chicks are ready to hatch, they clamp their heads under one wing, which allows them to pierce their shells with their beaks. Fetuses that do not reach this position have a high chance of dying from a failed orifice.

“Indicating that this behavior in Modern birds arose from their ancestors of dinosaurs‘,” Fionn Wiesom Ma explained.