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Instead of wheat, meat and milk, Free Betto's solution to the Cuban diet

Instead of wheat, meat and milk, Free Betto’s solution to the Cuban diet

“Not in Cuba Hunger. But the Cubans are very hungry! “, Commented the Brazilian theologian Free Betto., Fidel and personal friend of Raul Castro and who serves Consultant from Havana for a project called Sovereignty of food And Nutrition Education (SAN).

In the article titled Official Diary GranmaBetto described his two-week stay in Cuba as part of funding from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Oxfam and the European Union.

“The government spends more than $ 2 billion a year Import of food, Even from Brazil, buys things like rice and chicken, “he commented before assuring that the food situation in Cuba has been affected above all by the US siege.”

“Climate disasters such as hurricanes, floods and droughts, and Cuba’s poor hydraulic resources have forced it to import oil to generate energy,” he added.

“Despite this dramatic situation, Cuba is resisting. The total population of about 12 million people, who receive basic monthly baskets and health and education systems for free. There are no people living on the streets or beggars,” he stressed. .

Betto pointed out the details of the Food Sovereignty Plan, which seeks to change Cuban eating habits, such as the preference for imported whole grain wheat bread. Cuba produces a lot of cassava and also has conditions for accepting corn bread and coconut flour. And meat can make up the bulk of protein-rich beans, legumes, spinach, peanuts, soybeans and butter. Although there are not many dairy cows on the island, New generations are getting used to soy milk and yogurt“, He promised.

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According to the Brazilian religion, the results of this government program should be seen “in the next four or five years.”

In 2020 Peto celebrated the approval of the SAN project, And he hopes the country will “drastically reduce imports of food and goods and guarantee serious work on healthy and safe food and nutrition education for the entire population.”

The reaction of the Cubans on the networks is not waiting now. Historian Alina Bárbara López Hernández shared her speech Facebook wall With the question: “How long are these leaders of the uncritical left going back to the reality of Cuba?”

To this, former Cuban ambassador Enrique Guzm கn Karel pointed out: “They support the country of their choice.

Salvadoran filmmaker George Dalton, who spent most of his life in Cuba, underlined: “If one sits down and takes into account the money invested throughout the year from the national budget with the star scholars of official thought, there are millions. Frei Betto, Ignacio Ramonet, Martha Harneker themselves, Gianni Mina and the recent Atilios Borones have all spent a lot of money, if not a few, on various foreign loans.

“By advisers like this, hell of hunger and homelessness awaits us with open doors.”Raல்l Rojas Leva lamented.

Despite Betto’s suggestions, Theologian appeared in 2020 Gastronomic Event Cuba Sabe, Hosted by the luxurious Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel in Havana and hosted by Cuban First Lady Liz Gustav. It does not seek to replace traditional foods But, on the contrary, “promote the values ​​of the national creole cuisine.”

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