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Esteban Gutierrez "never lied" after being appointed diplomat

In the wake of the diplomatic turmoil, the State Department has asked the son of former lawyer Vivian Morales to resign.

According to the portal Los Irreverentes, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to step down Stephen Guttierez Morales, son of former lawyer Vivian Morales.Who was in the eye of the hurricane because of a complaint filed against him that warned he had been appointed to the Colombian consulate in Atlanta without the requirements of the law.

The story begins on January 25, 2022, when, by Order 105 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stephen Gutierrez Morales was appointed Second Secretary at the Colombian Embassy in Atlanta. Problem, According to the portal that exposed the discrepancies, the young man has permanent residency in the United States, a condition that, according to the same diplomatic law, removes him from embassy positions. But, without the officer noticing it, he positioned himself at the spot.

According to the order revealed in the investigation of the aforementioned portal, it was established as “by special policy”.Persons who do not belong to the diplomatic and diplomatic life may be appointed to positions of diplomatic and diplomatic missions, and due to the application of the present law in this matter, officers for diplomatic and diplomatic missions may not be appointed. Fill in those posts.

However, as a measure to retain the position and maintain his permanent residence in the United States, Stephen Guttierez Morales e.l State Department is a low-ranking, non-diplomatic administrative “services” officer, very different from the functions of a service employee.

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The order warned that “the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Code 2114, Grade 15, verified that none of the officials of the Global Plant of Diplomatic and Diplomatic Services are still in positions below that category.” .

What do you know so far?

The position held by the son of former attorney Vivian Morales also includes a fee very different from the money reported to U.S. authorities. His diplomatic status left him with a monthly stipend of about $ 6,500 and it is still known that the responsibilities are far from the responsibility of an administrative service representative.

In addition, according to the portal, Esteban Gutierrez never informed the Colombian Foreign Ministry of the status or status of permanent residence in that country, and therefore failed to comply with one of his obligations when considering certain. Diplomatic responsibilities.

Mr. Esteban Josué Gutierrez Morales will serve as Second Ambassador to the Colombian Consulate General in Atlanta.United States of America ”, concludes the order of the Colombian Foreign Ministry, which left Guterres as ambassador.

No announcements have been made yet Neither the Consulate General in Atlanta nor the State Department official, according to the publication, raised the possibility of declaring it unsupported in order to avoid diplomatic problems with the United States.

Sources close to the diplomat, however, assured that the appointment process was carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ interpretation, and that they themselves had registered him with the embassy. The organization said ..