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In the video, Demi Rose carefully shows her immense charm سحر

In the video, Demi Rose carefully shows her immense charm سحر

the beautiful British model half a rose She appeared in a recently shared video showing off her sheer charm, while promoting a delicious green smoothie.

sure half a rose became one of the models and Famous The favorite of Internet users, because it constantly shares interesting content and in many cases something more than revealing.

British women are known for having wonderful personality And her curves are really cool, for many of her fans, they are really perfect, and what’s more, she shows off on such occasions with her charm on the outside.

Without a doubt, both the new photos and even the videos have managed to overtake each of the previous posts sharing this beauty of United kingdom.

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This time the video was shared on a YouTube channel called Tips n´Trickzzz, 14 hours ago it was posted on the platform, the title is simple, they just wrote the model’s name “Demi Rose”, it’s only 21 seconds long, they definitely got it from one of their stories.

The remarkable thing about this Video It’s not the fact that she’s promoting a brand of green juices, she’s definitely consuming it herself, but rather the outfit she’s wearing, she’s wearing a sleeveless shirt with a front closure, which she lowers a little more to the middle leaving. Thus, it shows its beautiful and captivating charm.

click here If you want to watch the video

Currently, the model who has confused on several occasions with Anastasia Kvitko due to a certain similarity between them, has more than 16.8 million followers on her official Instagram account, who certainly on some occasions take the time to search for content related to this beauty.

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For the millions of fans of this beautiful model, it is always a pleasure to know that she has shared new content on her feed or on her Instagram stories, despite the fact that 24 hours after uploading it has been deleted, despite the simple fact that the thrill of seeing her again fills them with joy. .

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Always on the lookout for content for her fans, Demi Rose sure thinks carefully about what kind of photography to share before uploading, and it’s seldom repetitive photos, but the ones she shares are of the same photo taken.

The British model is surely something new and fresh that will surely cause more sighs among netizens.