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"Immigrate by truck to America across seas", the truth goes viral

“Immigrate by truck to America across seas”, the truth goes viral

A truck parked in the sea on Friday near the exit of the Havana tunnel has gone viral. Social networks report that there are traffic jams in Playa del Civo, near San Carlos de la Cabana Fort.Undoubtedly, this is an unusual picture, which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by. In fact, Mario Bentone, a journalist from America, shared a photo that someone sent him on his Facebook page.

One of the comments for the release confirms the presence of the truck in the water.

“Mario, I passed by on the bus and saw a truck stuck in Playa del Civo, at the exit of the Havana subway. Looking forward to more photos and videos.

So far there is no explanation for the phenomenon, however, the images show no damage to the vehicle environment and the road is far from the coast.

A Facebook page called Breaking Chains mentioned this fact.

“This truck got stuck in the sea this morning at the exit of the Havana Bay Tunnel, in Playa del Civo. What could have happened? Lately Cubans have been trying to teach trucks to swim.

How to immigrate to USA in trucks?

To move to America, Cubans appeal to their creativity. From boats to surfboards, they can serve the purpose of escaping the island. A few weeks ago the US Coast Guard stopped three people who tried to jet ski 90 miles.

Recently, another truck capsized in the sea while trying to illegally unload a boat in Playa Baracoa. The objective was to advance without the rocky terrain being an obstacle.

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Since October, the wave of Cuban immigration has reached the United States by land and sea of ​​more than 150,000 people.