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El vuelo es procedente de Texas, Estados Unidos. (Ariel Ojeda)

Immigrants deported from the United States come to Tsapasula in Siabas

Mexico City /

He landed this afternoon International Airport தபசுலChiapas, One of six planes where families are Immigrants Central Americans deported by the government United States.

The plane is coming from the city MGallon, TexasAnd immigrants will then be transferred to the border by buses Talisman, Chiapas.

Immigrants will accompany you to this border near the city El Carmen, Guatemala, So they return to their own countries in their own way.

Due to the complications of the Govt-19 epidemic, it was reported that the aircraft could not be built with more load, so more flights with hundreds of immigrants from Texas are expected to arrive in the coming days.

Immigrants getting off the plane are immediately transferred to a bus, which will transfer them Towards the border Talisman, ChiapasSo they return to their countries.

On a tour, Millennium Witnesses were obtained from tenants who had witnessed the descent of immigrants into the national landscape in the past, so that in their own way, they could return to their home country and the Mexican authorities were responsible for dealing with the possible settlement evicted from the border.

So far federal officials have not ruled on these “repatriation” methods.

The next flights will be at 6:00 pm on Friday, 3:00 pm on Saturday and 5:00 pm on Sunday.


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