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Ignacio Lopez Tarso explodes against organizers of a tribute to Silvia Pinal: 'What a shame'

Ignacio Lopez Tarso explodes against organizers of a tribute to Silvia Pinal: ‘What a shame’

  • The Metropolitan Government has praised theatrical performer Silvia Pinal.

  • The first actress said she was very happy with the honor and recognition.

  • Great celebrities were present at the beginning of the tribute, such as Ignacio López Tarso.

  • The first actor left complaining about the details that prevented him from enjoying the event.

On the night of August 29, Silvia Pinal, one of the greatest singers of the golden age of Mexican cinema, received a tribute to her career of more than seven decades in film, theater and television, organized by her alma mater, National. Institute of Fine Arts and Letters, Cineteca Nacional, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico.

Among the guests of honor is the actress Ignacio Lopez Tarso, who a few months ago asked for the recognition she deserved.

It is said that the first actor was one of the first to reach the honor, however, it seems that the event did not satisfy him, as he was very upset about it.

In a video uploaded to Exa social media, the famous man was seen leaving in his wheelchair, approaching Jacqueline Andre who greets him, and immediately started complaining about the sound.

“I couldn’t salute Sylvia, I didn’t hear what she said, who handled this, right? The sound is in fine art, silly, it’s what they live with the sound, nothing was heard. What a shame,” he says.

According to the audience, some problems would have arisen at the event: “She was happy and excited, because she was happy, there are several questions, who paid the tribute? Who invested money in it? Because there was no money, it was very bleak, very dark, I see it from the subject of production ” Ana Maria Alvarado commented.

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“Resources were few, some musicals too lackluster, broadcasts that weren’t taken advantage of. Live, Diana Bracho was very low on leadership, so I think there was a lack of joy, there was a lack of life, and joy,” Alvarado said of the event. “There was a need to invest money in it on a large scale, but Donna Silvia was happy.”

Despite the actor’s comments about the venue’s flaws, and reactions to the actor’s first attendance, the event was from netizens who asked palace authorities that Lopez Tarso had his own homage.

“They should also honor Ignacio Lopez Tarso, they should be praised in life,” “When will they honor Don Ignacio Lopez Tarso? He also deserves a tribute in life,” some netizens wrote, “Hopefully next is Don Ignacio Lopez Tarso.”

Ignacio Lopez Tarso explodes against organizers of a tribute to Silvia Pinal: