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If the new constitution is rejected, there must be a 'new founding process'

If the new constitution is rejected, there must be a ‘new founding process’

Chilean President Gabriel Borek stressed on Friday that if the new constitution is rejected at the polls on September 4, a “new constitutional process” must be implemented in that country.

in ChilevisionThe President stressed that “it would be legitimate to choose either option. Approval or Rejection”, Although his doubt lies in what will happen after Election Day, as there is consensus that the current constitution does not represent a “social convention” in that country.

Borek stressed that the Chilean people want a new constitution that should be “written by a body specially selected for this purpose.” Therefore, if it is rejected, a “new foundational process” must begin.

The new constitution contains 388 articles and 57 provisional rules of application. The text of the first article reads as follows: “Chile is a social and democratic state of law. It is multinational, multicultural, regional and ecological.”

Recent polls give a “no” advantage. The company’s standards showed that after two months of consultation, This option gets 48% to 31% for “agree,” while 22% still don’t know what they are going to vote for.

The Kadim poll assigned 51% to the “rejection” option, 34% to the “agree” option, and 15% to the undecided, while YouInfluence.com It awards 46%, 41%, and 13%, respectively.

The Economist’s criticism of the new Chilean constitution

The most prestigious English magazine The Economist A few days ago, he had called for rejecting the new Chilean constitution, and urged voting against it in the referendum that will be held next Sunday, September 4th.

In an article entitled Voters must reject Chile’s new draft constitutionthe middle He called the new constitution a “fatal mistake” and “a fiscally irresponsible and over-progressive disaster”.

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On the economic front, he says, “the document is less favorable for business or growth than the current constitution. It gives unions the exclusive right to represent workers, guarantees them participation in company decisions and allows them to strike for any reason.”

Along the same lines, He asserts that “the project creates a set of social and economic rights that can lead to the budget. It requires the creation of many new organisms, Like the NHS and a cradle-to-grave care system, without thinking too much about how to fund it.”

They also charge for it The document “deletes some of the worst ideas that have been aired in the Assembly, which are dominated by leftists. Among them, the nationalization of resources and the suppression of the Senate.

Although he did highlight some points, such as the demand for some authorities to return to the regions, which would “give indigenous people the right to learn their own languages ​​in schools.”

But he stressed that the draft to be put to the vote is “a confusing mess and filled with inaccurate language that guarantees decades of disagreement over what it really means”.

Nature has rights. The project mentions “gender” 39 times. court rulings, She said the police and the national health system should work through a “gender perspective,” which it doesn’t specify.

“The old Chilean constitution was not perfect. In fact, it has been amended nearly 60 times. But compared to the model proposed to replace it, it is a model of clarity. Most importantly, the old government project is working. Since the restoration of democracy, Chile has been a success story in America Latin He pointed out that the per capita GDP has tripled since 1990 and poverty has decreased.

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*With information from AFP.