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¿Un 'iDron'?: Apple registra 'sigilosamente' patentes para productos no anunciados

iDron?: Apple Files Undisclosed Product Patents


November 13, 2021, 12:08 GMT

The patents were initially applied for in Singapore.

Apple has registered two patents that could indicate the intention of the American technology giant to develop its own drone, which can be controlled using an iPhone, a handheld console or any other device.

The patents, initially applied for in Singapore in May 2020 and later in the United States, I entered the records From the US Patent and Trademark Office on November 11, reach Obviously the apple.

The first patent contains images of small, four-wheel drive drones that are controlled by devices over a wireless network, describing the equipment and embedded systems and details of the Matching Algorithms and various control settings.

In this patent, titled “Association of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Controllers,” it is also stated that the flight devices will contain internal memory To store the tasks posed by the controllers.

The second patent, “Tracking and Controlling of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, lists Hardware Which can also be used to control quadcopters.

These include Iphone, Android smartphones, and portable video game consoles, such as Jim Boy Advance o PlayStation Portable (PSP), and even smartwatches and glasses.

The registration of the two patents does not necessarily mean that the Cupertino company is developing this project.

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