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ICGDE-BUAP, Governmental Science Reference: Lilia Cedillo

ICGDE-BUAP, Governmental Science Reference: Lilia Cedillo

11 years after its establishment, the Institute of Governmental Sciences and Strategic Development (ICGDE) subordinate BUAP had become A reference in the field of government sciencesby integrating the relevant postgraduate offer, faculty preparation and appointment into the Conacyt National Scholars System (SNI) at Conacyt, into the institution’s registry of Scholars and obtaining a desirable Prodep profile, as well as alumni who are already part of SNI, the Rector noted Lilia Sedelo Ramirez.

Listening to the third report on the work of Dr. Francisco José Rodríguez Escobedo, Director of this Academic Unit, the Rector noted that 11 years are easy, but in a very short time, the ICGDE has managed to unite itself.

“For me, I am happy to see progress in all its indicators, especially in the field of research and postgraduate studies. in how they compete for the position of other large institutions in their area, in the formation and scope of objectives.”

He added that the institute is an example of improving the quality of education, as its graduates are already part of SNI.

Presenting his third work report, Francisco José Rodríguez Escobedo celebrated the department’s past year achievements, including the re-accreditation of the PhD in Government and Political Sciences, into the Conacyt National Graduate System, and the passing of the “standardization” level to “standardized”.

In this way, it became the first PhD program in the field of Social Sciences and Managerial Economics of BUAP to achieve this important national accreditation. In addition, it has been placed on par with the PhD in Public Policy, from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), and is ranked as one of the best universities in the central and southern region of the country.

The Director of the ICGDE noted that 66 percent of the academic offer are accredited as quality programmes. The following year, two new postgraduate courses are planned to open: the PhD in Public Opinion and Digital Politics, which will award continuity to the MA in Public Opinion and Political Marketing; and a Master’s degree in Governmental Science and Sustainable Development, recently created, which will serve as the basis for knowledge acquisition as the first education for students interested in becoming Doctors in Governmental Sciences.

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Photo: BUAP Newsletter