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Ibiza Martinez – Universo – UV News System

Ibiza Martinez – Universo – UV News System

  • The Director of the College of Biology stated that professionals are prepared with the knowledge that allows them to face new challenges.
  • The second inter-institutional scientific exchange meeting “Let’s Spread Science” and the sixth inter-institutional symposium on conservation and sustainable management of flora and fauna opened

Ibiza Martinez Serrano opened the second inter-institutional meeting for scientific exchange “Let’s spread science”

José Luis Cotolink Soto

Photos: Luis Fernando Fernandez

10/24/23 Xalapa, Release- Ibiza Martínez Serrano, Director of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Veracruzana (UV), said that the university works to develop science with a high social sense and prepare new professionals with the knowledge that allows them to face the challenges of the present and the future.

This came during the opening of the second inter-institutional meeting for scientific exchange, “Let’s Spread Science,” and the sixth inter-institutional symposium, “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Plants and Animals,” in which academics and students from the Faculties of Biology and UV Agricultural Sciences participated. , and the Ursulu Galván Technological Institute (ITUG), presented research work in talk and poster methods.

Carlos Roberto Cerdán Cabrera, Director of the College of Agricultural Sciences

Martinez Serrano pointed out that they are working at the Faculty of Biology to review study plans and programs with the aim of aligning them with current requirements, because, as he put it, “We are convinced that science solves society’s problems, and provides feedback to science itself; for this reason, the university is always open to solving and addressing Social needs in biology and agricultural science.

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On the part of Carlos Roberto Cerdán Cabrera, Director of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, he stated that the symposium represents a forum in which the UV and the national technology system, in this particular case the International Telecommunication Union, will work to strengthen the institutional ties between them as both institutions are public. The authorities are working to train professionals who in the coming years will have responsibility for managing natural resources and the agricultural, livestock, forestry and biological sectors in the entity and other parts of the country.

Brigido Castrejon Sánchez, Director of the Ursulu Galván Technological Institute

On this occasion, Brigido Castrejón Sánchez, Director of the ITU, considered the academic event appropriate and timely to raise new concerns among students regarding the sustainable management of both animals and plants and new agricultural engineering; He noted that precision agriculture, monitoring, genetic management of seeds and biological control of pests and diseases today differ from approaches that focus only on food production.

During the meeting, teachers and students of biology, agricultural sciences and ITU presented their research work.

Teachers and students from UV and ITUV participated in the “Let’s Spread Science” event.

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