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"I wrote to Keosseián and he only read letters to me"

“I wrote to Keosseián and he only read letters to me”


last days Elmer Getty It was not easy at all with Edwin Solani Solano They were excluded from the first team of marathon By the decision of the Uruguay coach Manuel Cousian.

Send ‘Manolo’ Solani and Goeti to train with the reserves and request the VAR in Honduras

On October 23, Diario notified DIEZ exclusively of the dismissal of both players from the purslane and during the week the strategist indicated that he had decided to send them to train with the reserves.

After all kinds of information appeared, Elmer Getty He decided to break the silence and in a conversation with Diario DIEZ told his version of what happened with him marathon.

The 26-year-old denied rumors of alleged indiscipline issues and said he had reached an agreement with the board of directors to terminate the contract.

Full interview: Why was he removed from the team? Do you feel sad about what happened?

It is unofficially stated that you are no longer in a marathon due to indiscipline issues. What happened this?

”That’s what was said, but it’s not. I’ll tell you what actually happened because they said they fired me for being undisciplined.

It turns out that my parents had to travel to the US and never did, the day before they left I asked Professor Flavio (physical marathon coach) for permission since I had his cell phone number. I asked him if he could give me permission to leave my parents at the airport because they should have been 8 in the morning and training was at 7:30 in the morning. Then the teacher told me it was fine, even mentioned that he would tell the teachers that I asked for permission.

Then there was a gathering in a city restaurant at noon, I’m still asking for permission the same day since I had to go get my son’s passport, I’m processing his visa and I said it in the team WhatsApp group. And what’s more, I still own the messages.

This was him. If they say to me ‘Look, you don’t have permission and you have to get there’, well, I sent my parents in a cab, I wouldn’t see it right, but first things first.’

What happened after these two absences for you?

They gave me permission and then the next day after the prayer they told me that I had to go to training with the reserves. I went quietly with the teacher Emile Martinez and Mario Beata.

Later they told me that I should speak with President Orenson Amaya and Rollin Peña. I said: Why all the trouble not to go to training and lunch? I asked for permission and they told me it was fine. We spoke with the president, he is a very good person and he told me that he will speak with Manolo so he can join me on Monday.”

Güity asserts that he was given permission to miss training and then was notified that he was no longer part of the campus.

When were you informed that you are no longer with the team?

“One Thursday, I got out of the gym at noon, and that’s when I got a call from Rollin and he told me that Keossian was no longer counting on me and that if I wanted to leave, let me go, it wouldn’t be a problem. They told me they would pay me, even though they don’t owe me anything because they pay on time.”

Cuisian reported last Thursday that you’re going to the reserves, will you be with them in the minor classes?

“I was training with them for five days. As I told you before, I got a call where I was told that the teacher was no longer counting on me, so I said goodbye to the group and told them God is achieving the goal first, as there is a beautiful and healthy campus.

I’m not happy, I wanted to keep playing and I think I’ve been doing good things in the matches I’ve had to play in, both initially and as a substitute. Now I’m calmer in explaining what really happened. ”

Didn’t you try to talk to Professor Manuel Kocian to clear everything up?

”yes. I wrote to him and he only read letters to me, so I decided not to bother him. I stayed another day in San Pedro Sula to see if we could solve this problem because it wasn’t undisciplined, and it wasn’t dangerous. I asked for a permit and they gave it to me.

But God knows and is in control of everything, I am so grateful for Marathon, the board of directors and the fans who write to me often asking about the situation. I didn’t want to speak up, but I thought it was fair to come out to defend myself because they are accusing me of something not out of indiscipline.”

Do you consider your separation unfair?

“The truth is that everything was fine, it was only that little problem that happened. I was happy with my wife and son in San Pedro Sula.”

Elmer Goethe has planned to extend his contract with Marathon and will now listen to the performances.

Do you feel sad about his passing?

”of course not. I fully respect Professor Manolo, he has been one of the best coaches in my career and I will always keep him with the utmost love and respect for his trust.”

Regarding the contractual issue, did everything really come to an agreement to separate from the enterprise?

“Everything is clear and I’m just waiting for them to call me to follow up on my settlement, which they give me these days. Only this tournament was missing to complete my contract and we were planning to continue. Now only God knows what will happen next.”

For now, I am focused on not gaining weight and continuing to train, because the end of this tournament is still far away.”

Elmer Goethe signed for the Greens after passing through clubs such as Olympia and Motagua.

Elmer Goethe is a footballer in good shape, and was even mentioned at the time as a potential left-back for the national team. Why couldn’t you unify?

“I guess I wasn’t doing things the best way, and I’m not going to tell you I was behaving well because I wasn’t. But that happened years ago, and now I’m 26 and a player I learned my lesson.

I don’t like to talk about the national team because I couldn’t be there, one day I would like to be called up, but I know that for that I have to work hard and be a reference in the club I have to be, but I don’t lose hope.

I was in Honduras under 17 that went to the United Arab Emirates, but the teacher Jose Valadares did not take me. Then they called me once to U-23, but they didn’t keep calling me. As for choices, I’ve always had bad luck.

Are you in talks with upcoming campaign teams?

“They called me, but nothing concrete. Like I told you, I should train for now and not gain weight. Where God sent me we will go.”

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