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“I Tried To Forget You With Others”: Who Is The “Hint” In Nodal’s New Song?

“I Tried To Forget You With Others”: Who Is The “Hint” In Nodal’s New Song?

In the midst of his recent tour in Europe, Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal took some time out. Releasing his song “No me 100to bien”, An innovative song due to the fusion of Mariachi and “lie” passages. Moreover, unleashing controversy Any bride dedicated to her, Kazuo or Belinda.

What does “not 100%” mean?

It tells an inner journey. The process a person goes through to accept, overcome and forget. “The great love of his life.” He describes the struggle to stay strong and happy, but deep down he just wants to get back to that lost love.

“I’ve tried to forget you with the others, I’ve already had about 200 drinks I’m looking for the taste of your mouth, but from afar I can tell I’m not over you. Part of the song goes: “I don’t feel good anymore.”

Within hours of the premiere, for many The song’s tone is similar to the one Belinda used. In collaboration with Nathaniel Kano on the song “Cactus”, which he dedicated to him.

Of course, for others, the Sonoran singer could also have dedicated the song or part of it. cazzuhis last partner, with whom he had his first daughter, Inti.

This lying mariachi has a lot of heart, And it carries with it part of what I’ve learned: the importance of acknowledging and allowing yourself to not be okay, and saying so, You go through it, so you can overcome it. My contract explained its subject.

“The sun has already disappeared, the moon is shining, and there is only one star, which makes me think that everything is fine, Even though deep down in my heart I want to see you” Express in another part of your message.

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