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"I prefer Cristiano's ego to Messi's cold Mars"

“I prefer Cristiano’s ego to Messi’s cold Mars”

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The A humiliating somersault against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League keep giving birth negative feedback Toward most of the characters on campus, with Leo Messi As one of the main people identified in the Madrid disaster. But not only the fans accuse him, there is also a former football player who called him on TV Mars without feelings.

it’s about Paulo Di CanioHugely talented but an equally troubled former West Ham footballer. eastern Italy Messi accused At the discussion table of the series Sky Sports From being someone who never regrets defeat, or existence “Cold Box”, unlike Cristiano RonaldoWho said he would prefer infinity.

“The match is over. Messi goes out and touches his hair and has no feelings. On the contrary, you look at Cristiano and his position: “Will you put me on the bench against City? I’m going to Portugal, come back and score a hat-trick.” Between the two and not because of the talent, The best person who built himself with a soul and heart on Mars without feelingsThe author of one of the most symbolic goals in English football history was sentenced while playing for West Ham.

The Di Canio marks for Messi They didn’t stay there, the Argentine also attacked because – according to his words – he’s more worried I’m thinking of going to MLS to be “on vacation” Than in a performance that was up to expectations in Paris Saint-Germain.

His lack of personality was noted, something that was also questioned in the national team. Obviously they can whistle him, they signed him and it was a dream, a miracle and then the situation was different (…) He doesn’t do things at his talent level and a month ago, in an interview, he said he wanted to play in the MLS to get three months off per season. . He said: Where is the respect?

Messi criticized for using ‘mercenaries’ in Paris

Jerome Rothen, former Paris Saint-Germain playerNothing saved from Leo and Neymar’s performances at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League Round of 16. In fact, he confirmed that both of them are responsible for the downfall of Paris Saint-Germain.

Those responsible for this defeat are Neymar and Messi! It is up to them to assume their responsibilities. When Leonardo recruits these guys and puts them out there, they are the stars of the club. They get paid for it. I highlight Verratti, Danilo, Paredes, Mbappe. He is the only one who was dangerous in both matches (Kylian Mbappe). I will attack the other mercenaries. I’m ashamed to talk like that about Leo MessiIt is the truth,” confirmed in the ceremonial series CMR.