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Hugo Perez announces a tour of Europe for the national team

Hugo Perez announces a tour of Europe for the national team

Coach Hugo Perez revealed in the Guerre Night Club program the details of the European tour that El Salvador will conduct in preparation for the 2021 Gold Cup.

Before that, El Salvador must resolve the cross-visit series against Saint Kitts and Nevis on June 12 and 15 in order to advance to the Octagon Final of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers.

As reported by the coach, Blue and White will travel on June 24 to face Guatemala in a friendly match in Los Angeles and on June 28 they will travel to Croatia, which will host Blue during their European tour.

Regarding Croatia as the chosen place to focus, El-Sayed explained that it is the country least restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The blue and white team’s first game on their European tour will be on July 1 against an as-yet-to-be-determined opponent.

The only confirmed competitor at the moment for the Selecta is Qatar, which it will face on Sunday, July 4th, in Croatian soil.

According to planning, the first football team from Croatia will travel to the United States on July 5 to focus on the 2021 Gold Cup.

In the Gold Cup, El Salvador is in Group A along with Mexico, CuraƧao and another contender to be determined.


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