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Huesca vs Eibar (2-0): Nacho Ambrez opened with victory in Spain

Huesca vs Eibar (2-0): Nacho Ambrez opened with victory in Spain

Huesca, Spain /

Without goals, not to be a player, but with a crushing victory, Ignacio Embreze It was a dream for the first time In the guild of strategists with The victory of his new team: Huesca. The Mexican coach appeared for the first time in Spain’s second division beating Eibar 2-0 Thanks to the performances of Joaquín Muñoz and Jaime Seoane.

The crushing 2-0 result was the result of a series of moves carried out by Ambrez from the bench since the pressure of the opponents seemed to find his constants soon with a 1-1 draw, however, Nacho responded in a good manner with Florian Miguel and Pedro Mosquera on the field, the first grew up The second goal play.

It was in the 21st minute when Huesca opened the scoring thanks to Muñoz, who determined the presence of Jorge Pulido in order to give Ambrez the first joy at the Alcoraz stadium.

In the second half, Eibar introduced two attacking men to the field: Eduardo Exposito, Kiki Gonzalez and Gustavo Blanco, all of them made the attack to invade the defensive zone of the Mexican coach’s system, but the poor strength and good behavior of the local defense knew how to face equality and avoid it.

by 68′, Seoane made an effective Falcón Miguel play to score 2-0 The atmosphere calmed down a bit on the bench for both teams. With superiority in hand and still a game age to accomplish Eibar, Ambrez adapted to new legs and in the 80th minute he made way for Enzo Lombardo and four minutes later reinforced his defense with Andre Ratio to give Marc Mathieu a relief.

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without more Huesca from the hand Ignacio Embreze He managed to finish his first win in this new operation The adventure of the Mexican strategist. As for the second date, the team will take on Cartagena in search of making their home a fortress, a feature shared by Nacho clubs, especially with the Fiera in Liga MX.