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How to watch HBO Max on PS5?


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Sony announced on Tuesday that HBO Max is finally enabling its next-generation console. This compatibility with the software, revealed in a tweet on the official PlayStation account, should be great news if you have a PS5 and plan to use it as an entertainment center for movies as well as video games.

If you still have a PS4, this update probably won’t mean much to you, given that this team has had the app for a long time. Although this means that PlayStation fans will have the opportunity to watch the premieres, which are available in 4K HDR for those who have a PS5 with a compatible TV.

There are many features that are enabled on this computer. As mentioned earlier, content services can be accessed and managed separately in the dedicated media section.

Find out how to get it on PS5. This is HBO Max, one of the most popular audiovisual content providers in the sector.

How to watch HBO Max on PS5?

Good news for users of this console: HBO Max is already enabled on this high-tech PC. It has been observed that this new service has been closing deals left and right to expand its viewing options.

From now on, you’ll have the opportunity to download HBO Max, from the PlayStation Store, on your PlayStation 5 in a few simple steps.

All you need is a service account to view the content, i.e. users with an existing HBO account can go through the login section providing the same login information. It is not necessary to create a new account, unless you are a new customer.

Get your TV paired with your PlayStation 5.

Turn it on and allow internet or Wi-Fi access to your PlayStation 5.

– Prefer the “Media” tab on your PlayStation 5.

– Select all apps icon [All apps] On PlayStation 5.

– Next, search for the HBO Max app and select the HBO Max app from the list of results.

Click on the download option on your PlayStation 5. It will take some time.

Once done, launch the HBO Max app on your PlayStation 5 and access the login option.

– Finally, enter the credentials of your chosen one. Then sign in to HBO Max.

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Is there an update for HBO Max for PS5 before Dune launches?

Yes sure. The software, both for PS4 and PS5, has a significant update that brings important technical and usability improvements.

As reported by some media outlets, the software has a major update. Although its interface has not been modified, it now offers relevant improvements. From a noticeable increase in navigation speed to better transmission performance.

On the other hand, an advancement in content exploration options on both consoles has also been highlighted. This means that you can quickly manage and get a specific program, adding preferences according to the profile.

Finally, custom images can be added and modified. In fact, the program has some changes in the menu, such as larger tiles and a new upload image.

This is definitely good news for those interested in PS4 and PS5 consoles. Plus, it couldn’t come in a better season, like director Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated adaptation of Dune (ultimately, it premieres exclusively on HBO Max and in theaters this November). The release came ahead of Keanu Reeves’ return as New Matrix Resurrection At the end of the year, both on the new service and on the big screen at once.

Is it possible to watch 4K content from HBO Max on PlayStation 5?

Yes, fortunately, HBO Max (enabled in the PlayStation Store) supports 4K multimedia content. This means that you can now watch award-winning TV shows or movies on your favorite PS5 video game consoles in 4K HDR streaming quality without any hassle.

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